Whack Your Ex

Whack Your Ex – most probably you know this funny game but if not you should try it. This is very funny and amazing game. At the beginning you will see two individuals, a man and a woman standing facing each other. It seems they are trying to talk to each other, but you will notice some items behind them. These items are tools for playing this game. Each time they can select the item and wait what will happen to them. It seems that those are belonging to them and they are playing with these things. If it’s your turn you can select and wait, you will see that some strange things according to the item specification will happen and this is kind of overcoming the opposite side. Every time the items are changing and you will continue playing until you defeat your opposite side and use all the items. It’s so funny and amazing, as you can see and earn the scores, the only thing to remember is that to choose the tools correctly and try to stay alive till the end of the game. If not sure how to play you can try at the beginning and test, later on you will proceed and see what’s happening and how to act at the each step. Take your time and do your best. This is the game beloved by most of game lovers, free and easy enough to try. It’s your turn to go ahead! Enjoy your playing!